Children and Babies

From Kindergarten up to the 8th grade I had issues ranging from aggression to defiance, my teachers said it was ADD. Year after year my teachers would struggle with my behavior and at school and it really affected my grades. I also had some issues at home and it affected my quality of life.  I started receiving weekly adjustments in the 8th grade and after just a few adjustments I felt a lot better. My mom says I am a more happy and cooperative kid. The school called to see if I was on medications or what had changed to make me a more cooperative kid. They said I was like a brand new kid. At fifteen years old now, I am proud to say I do not have to take medications to be in a better mood.

A friend told me I should bring my 11 year old daughter and told me Haig was great with infants. My pediatrician told me my daughter had a dislocated hip, preventing her from crawling. My daughter was unable to crawl or walk, keeping her from exploring the surroundings on her own. After the first two adjustments, she was able for the first time to put her left leg underneath her as if in the crawling position. I also noticed that she slept well during the day-her naps were 2 hours longer than usual after her first adjustment. I would recommend Chiropractic care especially when the alternative is invasive medical treatment. We really appreciate Dr. John's care and desires to treat our baby. We really feel that our prayers and Dr. John's skills are working together as God heals her. After writing this letter, my daughter crawled for the first time!

Brittany T

I learned about Haig and Roberta because my husband is his personal trainer. I wanted to see him for my overall health, headaches and the fact that I was pregnant. I wanted good health for the baby and I from the start. I had results within two weeks. I am now seven months pregnant and don't have lower back pain anymore, and if I don't see him my energy levels drop. Chiropractic is essential for overall wellness. The body can heal itself without drugs, this I am a believer of.

Jamie H

My son had anger issues and seizures. After the first visit, his seizures improved and after two months the anger issues improved. His anger problem is more controllable. He is able to work himself out of a rage for the first time in two and a half years.

Debby D

Chiropractic is a natural approach to health and life