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I came to Your Family Chiropractic because I saw results with a friend. Having Fibromyalgia for the last fourteen years, I haven't had a good nights sleep in years. After my first 3 adjustments, I fell asleep for 5 FULL HOURS!! I'm looking forward to more adjustments with more results.

Kathie F 

I’m so happy I found Dr. Haig and appreciate all that he has done for me! Surgery was the only option that was presented to me and one that I’m so gladly I didn’t take. None of the doctors I went to never mention the benefits of chiropractic care to me. Without chiropractic I don’t know where I would be today. The only thought that comes to mind is being in a sling for 6 or more weeks. I did NOT want to go through another surgery. “Doctor Haig has really really saved my life and fixed me up without Surgery.” COMING HERE HAS CHANGED MY LIFE.   

 Leisa T.

Before I was seeing Dr. John I could barely move. I wasn’t able to put my hand behind my back to do the simplest things. Examples like unclasping or clipping the back of my bra together was a huge problem, but now I can. I have a much better range of motion with my arms and can even reach behind my back. I’m feeling a lot better and even SLEEPING BETTER NOW.  I sleep all through the night without a problem.  What is even more surprising is I go to the bathroom even less who would have known this would have affected my bladder control?  I’m just so thankful…  Thank you Dr. John!

- Annie D.

When I first started coming to Dr. John’s office, my main concern was sciatica and soreness on my back and hips, I had no idea my immune system would be affected so positively. Before I knew it within the first month I had already improved. Now, less than a year later, my immune system is at a 100%! During my last visit with my family Doctor, he informed me that my white blood cell count, which has always been low to non-existent, is now completely normal for the FIRST time in my life! I can’t sing Dr. John’s praises enough!

Chiropractic is easy, affordable and great for you!

Melanie .B

When I first came to Dr Haig's office, I had a lot of trouble walking. I also was not able to move my neck. Just a little over 5 months into chiropractic care and I have noticed a great improvement in my walking. Also for a long time, I had also been taking pills to stabilize my blood pressure, but I DECIDED TO THROW MY PILLS AWAY TODAY! I DON'T NEED THEM ANYMORE BECAUSE MY BLOOD PRESSURE WENT DOWN!!!

Donald H.

Dear Family Chiropractor,

Thank you for attempting to put my head back on the way it was intended! Our family appreciates your enthusiasm. I am outwardly happier. I can finally hear because that gentle pushing motion you apply below the ear caused the pressure to be profoundly released. I am astonished since I never noticed just how much pressure was in that facial area. This was causing headaches that I blamed on outside stressors alone! Also, I do not hear the constant crunching sounds when I move my head. That racket became background noise for years upon years! In all honesty, it is a bit frightening since my body is so quiet! I will have to get used to the silence as well as my new height! A-freggin'-amazing! Who would have guessed that I am so tall? Wow, it's difficult to believe that so much of my height was pressed together in my vertebrates! Well, that is not going to happen again, that is certain! Thanks Doc, Roberta and Tita for the wonderful things you do!

Lenna K.

 I suffered from lower back pain and neck pain. On a daily basis, I often had painful neck pain while on the computer at work. In about 2 to 3 weeks, I started to notice improvement not only in my neck and back pain but IN MY RUNNING as well!v My hip became very flexible and I AM NOW ABLE TO RUN FASTER! I have been able to shed off 1 minute 30 seconds on a 5K and amazingly 12 minutes on a half marathon! Because of my chiropractic care, I am much more aware and conscious about my posture as well as the things that "mess up" my back and cause pain. I would definitely recommend chiropractic to others. Thank you Dr. John for everything!

Greg R.

My husband and I were in a bad car accident. I had severe neck and lower back pain, as well as a shooting pain in my right hip. This interfered so much with my daily routine. AFTER MY FIRST WEEK OF CHIROPRACTIC CARE, MY OVERALL WELL BEING CHANGED! I couldn't turn my head from side to side. This issue has completely passed. My lower back was very tight and sore. This has gone from a "10" pain level to a 5! My hip was a "10+", and this has also gotten much better. I had bone cartilage damage and tears, which will just take time to heal.

Sharon C.