Migraines and Headaches

I have been coming here for a year now. I initially came with lower back pain, migraines and allergies. They have affected me my entire life. Now my migraines are completely gone and i don't have lower back pain any more. I would absolutely recommend chiropractic to others. Since coming to Dr. John for adjustments, and have been able to function more properly, No more migraines! And I can do more activities without pain in my lower back, such a wonderful feeling! Metabolism is on track!

Krystal W

I had hip pain and headaches initially, and affected me on a daily basis. After two weeks, I noticed an improvement, even my heart rate came down. I am thankful that I came and would recommend it to anyone with these problems.

Allen A

Dr Haig John is my hero. He is the man. He took one look at me and knew what was wrong, when 6 days in the hospital and half dozen tests could not figure out why I suddenly had excruciating headaches. I had never experienced migraines or any real headaches before. Suddenly I was inundated with over the top headaches that left me vomiting, screaming and skyrocketing dangerous blood pressure.

While I was in the hospital, my husband mentioned to the doctors that I had bumped my head the Sunday before, while cleaning the garage. Just hard enough to cuss, develop a bump, and forget about it. Since I did not have a concussion, the consensus was that it had nothing to do with the headaches and was dismissed. The best a neurologist could offer other than narcotics for pain was Non-Steroidal Anti inflammation and anti seizure medications, to keep them under control. It was a nightmare I just wanted to escape from. When I came home from the hospital, although I was wary of drugs and symptomatic approaches to well being, I was compliant from fear of pain returning. The prescriptions were over $400 a month, with no hope explanation or end in sight. I have the whole perplexing situation over to The Almighty, the One, the Creator who knows every cell everything and everything going on in me.

Then I met Haig. He was a big part of my answer to prayer and healing. When I told him my story and how I could still feel pressure in my head despite the medications, he looked at me and said he could see my neck was out of alignment. Something in me trusted him, and I joined his practice starting with his accurate evaluation and series of skillful chiropractic treatments.

The first adjustment I felt I could breath deeper. The next two I could turn my head and sleep better. By the third, I knew the pressure in my head was lessoning and I could ease of the drugs. It seemed when I hit my head forehead, even though it did not damage my head as such, I must have thrown my neck out and pinched something. So just like a hose with a kink, that eventually stops water from flowing out, fluid was caught or restricted in my head and made me feel like was going to explode.

Within two weeks I weaned off all my prescription medications. My true healing began, and I can say with confidence that without Haig, my healing journey would not have been s sweet. I am so happy to have him in my life.

My husband saw how much Haig helped me and expressed his honest thoughts, that he had always thought chiropractors were Voodoo. Haig responded when he saw my husband wearing a wrist magnet ….pointed to it and said "Me? Look who uses Voodoo!" and everyone laughed. Mark trusted Haig, and after his first treatment came home and said he could turn his head better than he had in 25 years. Now he goes as he needs to feel more in touch with his body.

Again, I want to express that I am grateful for Haig's loving skills put to work in such diversified ways. He is a blessing to his practice members, a gift to the community, and a joy to be around. May he be blessed in return, many times over, as he chooses to serve the world and let God's light shine through him.

Joyce O.

When I first came to this office, I suffered from migraine headaches and lower back pain. I would have daily headaches and almost immediately after receiving chiropractic care, I noticed I didn't have them anymore! After having headaches every day for almost 10 years, going a month without one is amazing!! Not only are they gone, I now have much more energy. I appreciate all that Dr. John and the girls do for me and my husband!

 Sember B