Shared Success Stories

NO M.D. has EVER gotten rid of my headaches. I still owe you. I have suffered from migraines for over 15 years, and then suddenly they stop? There's probably no way to repay you. Yesterdays session made me a believer! It put me right away in the euphoric state of mind, and I slept so soundly last night, the first in quite a long time. I woke up with out a headache, and not sore at all. In fact, I notice I'm sitting differently, and I don't feel like something is pinching in my shoulder. Again, thank you veryuch I'm sorry to be such a skeptic, and giving you a hard time about it, but I've always heard such horrible things. I think the so called ''chiropractors'' my relatives go to, are in it for the money, rather than the well-being of their clients. 


Dear Dr. John, I noticed positive effects and changes in my abilities to Believe, Grow, Heal, Adapt, Accept, Endure, Encourage, Trust, Love, and Feel... Also, absence of constant physical pain.  Thank you Haig for being of service. I have stepped out of darkness and into the Light.  "I FEEL LIKE I AM ALIVE!" "FREE" 


Dear Dr.Haig John, I am writing this short note to thank you for the excellent chiropractic care we are receiving from you. In the thirty years of chiropractic care, you are one of the best and most knowledgeable Chiropractors we have been to. You possess a natural gift which your clients can definately feel. You are interested in helping and informing others of how Chiropractic can give people a healthy and good way of life. Bravo to you, and once again THANK YOU. We are looking forward to an everlasting relationship.

Randy & Wilma Terenna

I heard about Dr. John from Denny Stone on the radio who spoke of how Dr. J helped his sinus condition. I came to see him & 6 weeks later, the nose sprays and allergy pills are trashed. He has also relieved hip & back pain with his wonderful healing hands! Come see him!!  


My husband was coming and said great things. I am feeling more balance and less pain. My kids love coming to see Dr. Haig and ask for more visits!!!


I had pain in my neck, shoulders and back. I love to walk, but found it painful. After many adjustments I am free of the constant pain and do what I want and able to walk 3 miles or more a day without any trouble. I feel so good I don't hate to move around so I'm losing weight slowly. My husband saw how much I was improving so he started going to Dr. Haig John. He had shoulder pain and his hips were bothering him. After a few treatments he is feeling much better and trekking right along with me on our walks. We're also taking bike rides now.    We have been to chiropractors--but none have been as effective and concerned with our well being as Dr. Haig John.

Very Happy Patients, Joyce & Jim Ewton.

I can't thank Dr. Haig John enough for what he has done for me. DR. Haig literally has changed my life! I'm 25 and have had severe neck pains for about 6 years now. I've got a thriving business and work about 10-12 hours a day. This was becoming incredibly hard due to the pain, low energy levels and lack of sleep I was experincing. In a little bit less than a month, just a few visits, I began to see dramatic results. The pain was gone, energy levels up, getting a deeper sleep and now I'm more focused that ever on my career and family. I currently go in twicw a month maintenace. I don't ever want to go back to the way it was. I've even started working out and playing basketball again. I've been to other chiropractors in the past but it's just not the same. The knowledge and attention to details he brings to each visit is unsurpassed. 

Chris Calvetti-Owner of the Pita Pit

Dr. Haig John is my hero. He is The Man. He took one look at me and knew what was wrong, when 6 days in the hospital and half a dozen tests could not figure out why I suddenly had excruciating headaches. I had never experienced migraines or any real headaches before. Suddenly I was inundated with over the top headaches that left me vomiting, screaming and sky rocketing dangerous blood pressure...While I was in the hospital, my husband mentioned to the doctors that I had bumped my head the Sunday before, while cleaning out the garage. Just hard enough to cuss, develop a bump, and forget about it. Since I did not have a concussion, the medical consensus was that had nothing to do with the headaches, and it was dismissed. The best the neurologist could offer other than narcotics for pain, was Non Steroidal Anti inflammatories and anti seizure medications, to keep them under control. It was a nightmare I just wanted to escape from. When I came home from the hospital, although I was wary of drugs and symptomatic approaches to well being, I was compliant from fear of pain returning. The prescriptions were over $400 a month, with no hope, explanation or end in sight. I gave the whole perplexing situation over to The Almighty, the One, the Creator who knows every cell and everything going on in me. Then I met Haig.  He was a big part of my answer to prayer and healing. When I told him my story and how I could still feel pressure in my head despite the medication, he looked at me and said he could see my neck was out of alignment. Something in me trusted him, and I joined  his practice starting with his accurate evaluation and series of skillful chiropractic treatments. The first adjustment I felt I could breathe deeper. The next two I could turn my head and sleep better. By the third, I knew the pressure in my head was lessening and I could ease off the drugs. It seemed, when I had hit my forehead, even though I did not damage my head as such, I must have thrown my neck out and pinched something. So, just like a water hose with a kink that eventually stops water from flowing out, fluid was caught or restricted in my head and made me feel like I was going to explode...Within 2 weeks I was weaned off all my prescription medications. My true healing began, and I can say with confidence that without Haig, my healing journey would not have been so sweet. I am so happy to have him in my life. 

Blessings, Joyce Ott

My husband saw how much Haig helped me and expressed his honest thoughts, that he had always thought chiropractors were voodoo. Haig responded when he saw my husband wearing a wrist magnet...pointed to it and said "Me?? Look who uses voodoo!" and everyone laughed. Mark trusted Haig, and afte his first treatment came home and said he could turn his head better than he had in 25 years. Now he goes as he needs to and feels more in touch with his body.

Joyce Ott

One morning I called my two,  "boys" (my grown but still my puppies) for their walk, and was stunned to see my 4 year old Pekinese try to get up, and stagger towards me, barely able to walk. It was pitiful to see his hind legs not working to support him.. I immediately took him to our vet, who was stymied as to what the problem was. All he could suggest at the time was a vet neurologist, who promptly took my $130, looked Luke over and said he couldn't tell me anything unless I wanted to do a $2,000 MRI and was willing to face surgery. In a daze I left, carrying my sweet Luke, who was really struggling to walk for me, but obviously unable to maintain his back legs or balance. Our options seemed to suck, but I had to stop and just think. As I have learned, I gave even this problem up to the Most High. I guess you can call it prayer. Then I remembered Haig had his pet Dachshund he said he worked on, and I called right then and there. Even though his office was not open, as soon as I told him the problem, he said to come right over. To my amazement, he began to gently adjust Luke, and had me come twice a day for the next two days. By the third treatment, I could see improvement in Luke. By the 6th, he was 75% better. In less than 2 weeks, Luke was as good as new and walking twice a day as he always did with no trouble. I finally figured out that Luke must have fallen off the window sill and twisted wrong. When the weather gets nice in the Spring, we open the windows and Luke would like to get up there and look out at the world. With his short legs and long body, getting down must have been a problem for him at some point. In any event, no one else offered much hope for his injury and Haig confidently helped him get well. Just as a last note, I called both vets and told them our success story. My vet is friendly to natural medicine and listened to learn, but the neurologist just came back with a retort that he had seen dogs paralyzed by chiropractic. Well, I told him there were always risks for any procedure and how many dogs had je seen die or paralyzed from surgery? He did not reply, and it was just as well if one does not have anything positive to say...Again, I want to express that I am grateful for Haig's loving skills put to work in such diversified ways. He is a blessing to his practice members, a gift to the community, and a joy to be around. May he be blessed in return, many times over, as he chooses to serve the world and God's light shine through him.......

Blessings and Shalom, Joyce

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